PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE BASED ON MARKET PRICE….BULK ORDERS ARE PROCESSED WITHIN 24 TO 72HOURS… ALLERGY WARNING: Please be advised that some of our meals are prepared with spices that contains peanuts and foods prepared in our kitchen cannot be guaranteed to be free of peanuts. KITCHEN NOTICE: Pickup is from Tuesday to Friday 12 PM TO 7 PM | Saturday 11 AM TO 7 PM. Pickup is not available on Monday and Sundays..
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This was born out of passion to see people eat in a restaurant with a feeling it was mama that made the food. At Fooddelicio, we genuinely care about what goes into your belly, Our Founder has instilled this core value of “if it’s not good for me, then, the customers cannot have it.

Experience the Flavors of Nigeria:

Where Quality Meets Tradition

You can enjoy our food by visiting the restaurant or ordering bulk for you/family or have us catered for your event or private parties.
Let us bring good food that will make your heart merry.
Savor Authentic Nigerian Delicacies:
Carefully sourced from Nigeria, our finest ingredients guarantee an unparalleled culinary experience
Embrace the Essence of Nigeria:
At Fooddelicio, we take pride in infusing each dish with the richness of Nigerian culture. Our commitment to quality and consistency ensures an unforgettable culinary journey that reflects the heart of Nigeria in every bite.
Our customers are served in a friendly manner that makes them feel at home while enjoying good food. We always leave every customer with freshness and satisfaction in every bite.
Fooddelicio | Nigerian Food Restaurant in Ontario, Canada

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I grew up in Nigeria and I love good food. I have always loved to see people not just eat but to enjoy good food. Nigerian food is rich in flavor and the world is yet to see this. I am set to bring Nigerian food to mainstream Canada through hard work, learning, consistency and getting better in all I do.
I abandoned my almost 15 years Banking experience both in Nigeria and Canada, abandoned my accounting degree, my grad certificate degree in business analysis to pursue my passion. It is tough being a Nigerian chef since most nigeran Food takes a lot of time to be ready and we do not have ready made ingredient, everything is done from scratch. I keep pushing myself everyday, always looking for ways to make things better & easier everyday to give our customers the best of the Nigerian cuisine.
I want to say thank you to all who have supported my dream since I started out, thanks to all who value good food and keep showing up to keep us in business, thanks for all that keeps referring to us, giving reviews about our food and services.
Fooddelicio Restaurant is just starting, we are going places by the grace of God.
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