About Food Delicio

How it began!

Being born into an extended family, while growing up, my mother believes in feeding a lot of people anytime people visits. She fed both the poor and the rich. She has her busy career but she has the passion for feeding people’s belly too. Cooking is one thing, delicious meal is another but my mother has a combination of both. I started to develop a strong interest in cooking as I helped my mother in Kitchen as a young girl. I started by taking big utensils for my older cousins anytime they want to cook. I helped my mother with washing the dishes after every meal is made.

Some will say, “I am blessed” to have been born into a family like that where I experienced delicious meals, how to make them and how to create recipes. As a child, my mother was never miserly with food.

Growing up, my passion for cooking a great meal kept increasing. I leap for joy every time I have the opportunity to cook for people and I get a mind blowing feedback from my customers. Started in my home, from my husband, down to my siblings and then to friends.

The kitchen is one of my happy place because I find expression using my hand to make great meals in that space which I cannot explain.

I started my career as an Accountant in the Bank, but each time I wake up to go to work, I keep feeling there is more for me. I made a difficult decision which is leaving my career at the bank to pursue my dream and passion as a Chef. At this point, I must confirm that as a business owner, it was not an easy move. I have confidence and crazy faith that I am ready to put to work not only good food for my family and friends. I want everyone including you reading this to enjoy the delicious food in your various homes on a daily basis.

We cater for birthdays, Anniversaries, weddings and special events to mention a few.

Our food is prepared in an African traditional setting niche being Nigeria with the best ingredients sourced locally and globally.

I am an advocate of a delicious food, hence why the name is Fooddelicio. You are on my mind on every step in cooking every single meal that comes out of my kitchen to your table.

One thing that guides me daily when preparing food for you is that, “I will never serve you something I am not able to eat or serve my family”

I am what I am today by the Grace of God upon my life, He is on this Journey with me and we are going to blow your mind. This is the beginning, Our goal is larger than this story, we are evolving and thank you for starting this journey with me. I am not perfect, I am still learning, I am still growing and one thing is sure “you will always get value for your money”.